Complete Certificate Overview




The course introduces students to the bar industry, its developments and the various bar concepts. Students will have an opportunity to overview the industry’s history, growth and progress, along with their distinguishing characteristics, trends, legal and current concerns. Moreover, the course exposes students to the bartender’s role and responsibilities, leadership and bar operations. In addition, students will be introduced to career opportunities and employability skills needed to succeed in the bar industry.


Beverage Identification & Sensory Analysis


This course introduces students to the professional knowledge needed in using beverages and other ingredients in beverage and cocktail preparations. Students will examine the quality and technical characteristics, the functionality, production and mixing reactions and the storage of ingredients. Furthermore, the course offers an opportunity to explore product standards, specifications and selection criteria in purchasing and develop standardized recipes. Students will have an opportunity to learn the basic elements of taste and flavour in order to gain basic sensory analysis skills and understand its role in beverage and cocktail making and development.


The Bar in the New Digital Age


This course introduces students to the social media world and aspects of digital marketing. Students will have an opportunity to gain the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies in developing and using social media accounts in order to increase a bar’s appearance in the digital world and to attract more customers. The course offers an opportunity to design and set-up effective advertisements and promotions in different social media.


Communication & Customer Etiquette


The course focuses on customer service quality and etiquette and the social skills needed by a professional bartender to communicate effectively with customers. Students will develop appropriate personality attributes and a professional behaviour that enriches the customer experience. Therefore, the course builds on social and cultural concepts and skills and it prepares students in order to solve problems, communicate effectively and deal with difficult customers in the service delivery process. Furthermore, students will study elements of the hospitality etiquette in all efforts employed to make a good personal impression to guests and achieve service excellence in a bar setting.


Bar, Barista & Restaurant Beverage Service


This course provides students with knowledge and skills for effective bar, barista and restaurant service. Students will examine the importance of menu to beverage service operations and they will explore service methods and techniques, tools and equipment used in beverage serving.


Art & Craft of Cocktails & Mocktails


This course exposes students to the vocational and technical skills and professional knowledge needed in bartending. Students will prepare a variety of basic cocktails and mocktails by using appropriate types of glasses and serving equipment. The course will expose students to tools and equipment, beverages and ingredients, methods and techniques used in making different alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Students will be able to work effectively at the front-line of a bar, consistently preparing quality beverages and correct any related production problems.


Mixology Infusion


This course exposes students to the bartending concept of cocktail mixology. Students will have an opportunity to learn the history, traditions, development, production and mixing methods behind each major category of alcoholic beverages. The course provides a comprehensive review of different flavour profiles. Students will prepare basic infusions, syrups, liqueurs, bitters, modernist garnishes and use botanicals, herbs or spices in order to create new or develop existing cocktail recipes.


Barista Artisan Skills


This course introduces students to artisan skills of coffee making and service. Moreover, students will study a variety of tea and other smoothies preparations. The course provides an overview of the history and development of coffee in the food service industry. Students will develop professional and practical skills needed in order to work as front-line baristas, being able to prepare different kind of coffees, smoothies and teas. The course focuses on service quality, as well as health and safety principles and customer service skills.


Beverage Hygiene & Safety


This course introduces students to the study of beverage service hygiene and safety. The student will learn the basic principles and applications of HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) by taking into consideration personal hygiene, sanitary practices, beverage management and preparation process, control of illness caused by food contamination and work place safety standards. Also, students will have an opportunity to explore their professional and personal obligations in responsible alcohol service along with its impact on consumers’ health.


Menu Design & Sales Skills


This course exposes students to the basic principles of menu design as a mean to drive sales. Students will learn how to practically stimulate bar consumers’ behavior, select and implement appropriate bar promotional and in-house or off-house sales techniques. Also, the course explores key concepts of retail bar merchandising operations, design, presentation and pricing policies.


Fermented, Distilled & Cask Beverage


The course introduces students to the family traditions of fermented and distilled beverages and the cask aging method. Students will have an opportunity to comprehensively review the history, developments, production and use of different alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage categories.


Recruitment & People Development


This course introduces students to the recruitment and people development functions. Students will explore the professional development process needed to support high performing individuals in a bar setting. Therefore, the course reflects on the supervisory and leadership skills needed for effective resource management to bar operations.


Purchasing & Control Systems


The course introduces students to the technical aspects of the food and beverage management process, paying particular attention on a bar’s purchasing and control process. Students will get insights in menu design and development for different types of bars, as a part of an integrated control system. A system that starts with the development of the product catalogue, the writing of standard recipes and procedures and the development of menu product specifications. The course also includes stock taking procedures and an analysis of the popularity and the profitability of the items for sale.


Artisans Cocktails & Flair Bartending


This course exposes students to artisan cocktail making. Students will learn how to build drinks and prepare artisan crafted cocktails, whilst demonstrating an array of fantastic flair competencies including napkin, glass, ice, garnish and multiple bottle tricks. The course builds on different flashy pours which improve a bartender’s professional style and showmanship in the beverage making process. Students will further develop their skills in crafting cocktails by layering properly liquids, preparing advance garnishes and presenting cocktails in a unique and fashionable way.


Molecular & New Cocktail Development


This course introduces students to the molecular beverage mixology and the trends of a dynamic and forward-thinking field in cocktail making. Students will advance their knowledge and bartending skills in modernist cocktail making techniques and ingredients used in beverage production. The course reviews different flavour profiles to assist students in modernist cocktail development and molecular techniques, using homemade infusions, syrups, liqueurs, bitters, garnishes and botanicals, herbs or spices from the bar’s garden.


Wine & Spirit Appreciation & Cellar Alchemies


This course exposes students to the principles, properties and quality characteristics of wine and beverage appreciation and production. Students will study different wine varieties along with the principles of wine and food pairing. Moreover, the course introduces students to other alcoholic beverages such as beer, whiskey, brandy (cogniac) and spirits emphasizing its proper service, quality characteristics and pairing with food. Also, students will gain basic skills in maintaining a cellar collection and appropriate beverage storage.




The focus of this internship is to enable students to be trained for entry level positions in the hospitality and beverage industry. Students will get hands on experience and insights into the practical nature of the industry. The internship will give students an opportunity to apply classroom theories to practical issues by performing basic duties and responsibilities in the selected segment of the industry. Thus, students will be able to develop practical skills during the internship period, explore career opportunities, be exposed to industry standards and conditions, and also provide students with the opportunity to start their own professional network.

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