Barology by InterNapa College

Barology is a unique concept in vocational higher education in Europe, developed by InterNapa College. It represents a sophisticated course blend of Art, Science and Technology, advancing bartending education and profession. It is a one-year certificate accredited by the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education in Cyprus. The aim was to offer optimal professional and experiential learning conditions, simulating a real working and practicing environment in bartending. Graduates can gain professional skills and competencies needed for a career as bartenders, maintaining a personal competitive advantage in the labour market.

The Professional Bartending program of study was developed after a long consultation of the Advisory Committee of InterNapa College with its external members and industry stakeholders. The need for the Professional Bartending certificate emerged from the serious shortage of qualified bartenders in the labour market in relation to its high job-profile, career advancement opportunities as well as its high remunerations. As a result, a collective process engaged the Academic Committee members into an intense market research. The goal was to discover the exact professional bartending competencies as well as to develop a progressive and cutting edge program to fulfil current and future industry needs. 

Barology fulfils the strategic objectives of InterNapa College:


The College’s strategic goals guide decisions for the future development of the institution.


To offer quality programs which integrate liberal arts and science, with professional preparation


To prepare students to function effectively in a multicultural environment


To achieve the academic purpose through teaching, scholarly activity, analysis, debate, study and service

Select & Retain

To select and retain qualified faculty and support their development

Qualified Faculty

To select and retain qualified faculty and support their development

Financial Adequacy

Financial adequacy to support the future growth of the institution

Incubator of Ideas

To act as incubators of ideas and contribute to society and the business community through programs that will support the general development and welfare of Cyprus

Acknowledgment & Accredited

To be acknowledged as an established accredited higher education institution offering a range of academic and vocational programs

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“InterNapa College’s major objective is to transmit knowledge, pursue truth and honesty, and encourage intellectual and moral development”

Internapa College

  • Griva Digeni 4, Ayia Napa/Sotira 5390, Cyprus
  • +35723829840

Our lecturers

George Markatos

George Markatos

Program Leader / Hospitality Expert


Ioannis Ioannou

Award-Winning Bartender & Mixologist


Orestis Tsiakkas

Renowned Oenologist / Sommelier


Kyriakos Assiotis

Flair Bartending Award-Winner


Geogi Radev

Co-Founder Laki Kane / Rum Expert


Katerina & Georgia Fella

Food & Beverage Scientists


George Christofi

Coffee & Brew Technologist

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