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First Academic & Accredited 1-Year Certificate in Professional Bartending in Europe

Barology is Accredited by the National Agency for Quality Assurance and Certification of Higher Education in Cyprus (CYQAA) which is a member of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA).


Ayia Napa / Sotira, Cyprus

Griva Digeni 4, 5390

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Expert Lecturers

World class educators, bartenders & beverage professionals.

Experiential Learning

Blending professional knowledge, expertise & work-based learning from breweries, wineries, distilleries.

Work Experience

Paid internships at one of our international & industry leading partners.

Future Opportunities

Networking & connecting with industry leaders.

Cypriot students are entitled to a government grant of up to €3,420!

Certificate Highlights


Artisan Cocktails & Flair Bartending

  • Exposing students to artisan cocktail making
  • Learning how to build drinks and prepare artisan crafted cocktails
  • Demonstrating an array of flair competencies
  • Improving professional style and showmanship in the beverage making process
  • Layering liquids properly
  • Preparing advanced garnishes
  • Presenting cocktails in a unique and fashionable way

Mixology Infusion

  • Exposing students to the bartending concept of cocktail mixology
  • Learning the history, traditions, developments, production and mixing methods behind each major category of alcoholic beverages
  • Reviewing different flavour profiles
  • Preparing infusions, syrups, liqueurs, bitters and modernist garnishes
  • Creating new or developing existing cocktail recipes


Molecular & New Cocktails Development

  • Introducing the molecular beverage mixology and the trends of a dynamic and forward-thinking field in cocktail making
  • Advancing knowledge and bartending skills
  • Developing modernist cocktail and molecular techniques using homemade infusions, syrups, liqueurs, bitters, garnished and botanicals, herbs, or spices from the bar’s garden

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Laki Kane Bar, London

Platinum Partner – One of The Top 10 Bars in Europe

A lifetime opportunity for an internship & job vacancy after graduation.

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Master Classes

Brand ambassadors & experts infuse learning at Barology every semester with the latest developments in beverages and bartending.

Barology Alumni

Offered the most favourable conditions for further learning, such as access to electronic & academic databases, news, events, master classes and the professional network.

Competitions Sponsorship

Students who excel academically and professionally will be sponsored to participate in national and international bartending competitions.

Key Lecturers

George Markatos

Dr. George Markatos

Program Leader / Hospitality Expert


Ioannis Ioannou

Award-Winning Bartender & Mixologist


Orestis Tsiakkas

Renowned Oenologist / Sommelier


Kyriakos Assiotis

Flair Bartending Award-Winner


Geogi Radev

Co-Founder Laki Kane / Rum Expert


Katerina & Georgia Fella

Food & Beverage Scientists


George Christofi

Coffee & Brew Technologist

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